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Commitment to quality

BaoBinh does not sell low-quality composite pots that do not meet safety standards for users and the environment. Currently, many low-cost composite pots contain lead, which affects the health of users.

BaoBinh does not dilute RESIN resin to reduce product price, does not add impurities to the product.

BaoBinh does not use foam combined with cement like some small factories.

Recommend users

If you want to use a composite pot, you should use the best one, because if you use a poor quality composite pot, you will encounter some of the following problems:

  1. The quality is not tested, there is lead in the paint which affects health. (BaoBinh is certified by Bureau Veritas for lead-free, non-hazardous substances to be shipped for export to the European and domestic markets.
  2. After 1-2 months of use, the cheap pot will blister because it cannot withstand water, then you will discharge into the environment to pollute the environment. (Pot unbreakable, if the surface is damaged, it will be collected for recycling, helping you to be responsible for protecting the environment and the future of our children.)
  3. Cheap composite pots are very heavy, no different from porcelain and cement pots. The design is not sharp and the colors fade very quickly because it is not UV resistant. (The pot is UV resistant, can withstand cold temperatures up to -20 degrees, so the color is very very durable)
  4. Currently, customers are still confused between composite pots and cement pots. Standard composite pots are made of imported RESIN plastic and reinforced with Fiberglass. The cement pots (often called composite by gardeners) are made of thin Chinese fiber (lattice) and cement – without RESIN, so the price is very cheap. Very heavy weight, poor design and color, very difficult to drill more holes, difficult to move, easy to chip in the corner, blister after a short time of use.


BaoBinh has become the largest and most prestigious brand specializing in consulting and supplying high-class composite pots that do not puke + self-watering plants in Vietnam.

Develop composite pots with its own, unique style, expressing the personality of each individual and expressing the scope of each business.

BaoBinh wants to contribute to enhance the landscape value of every building and bring an unprecedented experience of living in harmony with nature.


* BEST quality products

  • BaoBinh composite pots meet European export standards.
  • No breakage, strong impact resistance.
  • Colors are made according to the same technology as for the automotive industry. Water color is durable, does not change, does not crack.
  • Reinforced by fiberglass combined with high quality resin (Do not dilute resin to produce products, do not add impurities).
  • Various designs, various colors. Research and mix colors in accordance with modern and luxurious design trends.

* BEST customer service

  • Fastest delivery time.
  • Fastest order processing time.
  • 24/7 customer support consulting.
  • 24/7 customer support to use the product.
  • Professional packaging, no wrong delivery, wrong specifications.


“Bringing plants home – Living with nature”

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